Here we go!!!

Howdy folks!  My goal with this site, is to chronicle my journey towards becoming a relatively apt knife maker and blacksmith in what I hope to be an informative and entertaining way. I will post pictures of my successes and failures, links to products and services that have helped me, and moan and cry about the lack of available anvils not scooped up by re-sellers and scrap vultures before I could get to them.

Why “Urban Blacksmithing”? Well, because I live in the city limits of the fair city of Saint Louis. I am located in a great “up and coming” neighborhood on a street lined with sap spewing trees, houses that are about four feet apart, and the curious, bewildered eyes of dozens of neighbors.

Living in the city provides me few opportunities for resources, more obstacles regarding space and noise concerns, and several funny stories about being the creepy guy banging on an anvil in full view of my neighbors. I am also a professional knife thrower by the way, so they also get to see me practice that.  I’m definitely the weird guy on the block, which sort of means a lot in my neighborhood. Its fun

This site will hopefully evolve as I do. I hope to have lots of links that will help people taking this journey themselves and to provide a little insight to those who have similar issues getting started.

I also hope that some of you can comment and provide stories, feedback, or just general heckling. I fully support and appreciate hecklers of all kinds. I am  aware that I am an amateur creating a public site where I will be posting pictures of my attempts at a complex thing. I’m pretty much just begging for snarky comments, so, fly my prettys FLY!!  Feel free however, to comment constructive or positive things as well. Lets see how this goes.  Cheers!